A lot of companies in a business-to-business environment struggle with their digital presence. How can they convey their message and product portfolio in a user-friendly, modern and compelling way. At Adriaansen we faced the same challenge. How do we showcase our products in a way that inspires and raises interest? Entering Duval Branding, the renowned branding agency with a twist.

The agency forced us to think about a hero-approach for our products. As we distribute products from top-notch suppliers, these products respectfully deserve a premium stage to shine on. Duval Branding selected our top products in each category we’re active in and digitally crafted 3D images from these products. A very intense job keeping in mind that each product detail is as equally important in our complex business world. Combining these 3D images with a very intuitive user experience resulted in this website of which we are very proud. It enables us to showcase our products yet giving all the technical details at the same time.

Duval Branding really pushed us forward in our digital presence as we do everyday with our service in real life for our clients.